Xacto Knife for Leather Working

This is a handheld knife with replaceable metal blades. The blades come in different shapes, sizes, and angles for almost any crafting and cutting need. New blades are very sharp, reliable, and not too expensive. To replace a blade, just unscrew the base of the knife, remove the old blade, put a new one in, and re-tighten the base. Xacto knives/blades are very handy for leather working.

I find that the #2 Xacto blades are a bit better than the #7’s which seem to be the most common. The #2’s are larger but still have the flex if that’s what a crafter desires for cornering, which makes them a more preferable option, in my view.

Very cool idea, I’ve usually just used the ones that come with and are most common. Blade thickness can definitely influence feel, will have to try it. thanks!

I have tried Xacto knives from a “set”. It must have been a cheap #7 as it was way to small and thin. It kept cutting at an angle as opposed to vertical to the work piece. I will need to try a #2. Thanks for the information.

It might have been! I think I see the #7 blades making their rounds more than the other options, but the #2 has worked much better for me in terms of being more rigid than the #7’s - feel free to give it a shot!

I checked and I have a box of #11s that I primarily use. I believe the #2 is a larger sized #11. The #11s have been great for small, detailed cuts!

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