Would it be possible to wet mould a pumpkin?

Hi everyone, I’m very new here. I have a project I’d like to attempt but I’m not sure it can actually be done. I want to make a leather pumpkin purse, and was wondering if anyone thinks it can be wet molded? I was thinking of using some yarn to pull in the creases while it dries, but I’m not sure if leather could be pulled enough over the humps to not need weird darts at the top or bottom. Thanks in advance for any advice!


Hey Mel! Welcome to the club :grinning:

It sounds do-able. First to mind would be the size of the purse, and the thickness of the leather. Generally, if something like that is smaller, more material will bunch up, and if the leather is thicker, it will likely need more configuring (such as with darts).

If it is thinner leather, and a medium-larger sized purse, it might work out. Definitely sounds like a fun one to experiment with!

Feel free to ask any questions if you decided to give it a try, we’ll be happy to share knowledge/ideas along the way. :+1:

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Thank you so much for the help Dan-Crafter! That’s more or less what I was thinking I would have to do. Exactly how thin of a leather would you try? I’m also wondering if I could boil it to harden it and make it sturdy if I have to use a thinner leather. Would that distort the shape? Or just completely undo the wet moulding? I haven’t read enough about boiling yet but it seems like the trickiest of methods.

Hey! You’re very welcome.

The thinner the leather the more flexibility it can give, maybe a 2/3 oz to begin experimenting? That’s relatively thin (can go thinner if needed), yet should hold up to general use.

I’ve never tried boiling (the heat might encourage the fibers to relax, and lose some of the shape), though wet forming can be an option. Another idea that just came to mind, I’m not sure how effective at all and how much it might damage leather fibers, though a wild concept could be to do a mixture of glue and water, soak the leather in it, wet form it, and it might dry very to-shape and ridgid. Again, the use of glue might do more harn than good, or it might be a cool way to do something new, depending how the surface will be finished.

Wet forming thicker leather might also work maybe 5/6oz (open to others’ suggestions, with more experience, here).

Another option might be to use carefully-placed hardware such as rivets to secure the material so the form stays more as you would like it.

Happy to brainstorm some more, hopefully these give some food for thought