Wing Divider/Compass for Leather Working

A wing divider/compass is a tool used to mark the surface of leather, most commonly related to circular or curved lines. Very much like the compass used in mathematical studies, the wing divider has two arms with points on the bottom. They are joined at the top, and in the middle have an adjustable screw with allows for an increase or decrease in distance between the points.

Since it is joined at the top, one point can be placed in a fixed position and the other rotated. The rotating arm will always move around a 360-degree, circular arc, making this a great tool for marking circles, corners, and any kind of curve. As the distance between the arms can be changed, a wide array of circular sizes can be drawn.

Wing dividers/compasses usually have sharp, metal tips. This allows for precise placement, and also the ability to scratch a line into the leather’s surface. These are great for arcs, semi-circles, and dividing lines. If desired and in a pinch, just one arm can be held/used as a scratch awl, for marking leather up.