Welcome to the Discussion - How to Get Started

Hello, and welcome :wave:, so glad you’re here! There are a lot of great folks chatting about all sorts of leathercraft related things, here are a few tips to make it easier as you get familiar with this area:

  1. Treat Eachother Well - Always be polite and respectful, we are here to learn and grow together. Ensure all comments are family friendly and align with the Comment Policy (link accessible at the footer of the ILC website, titled Comment Policy).

  2. Categories - there are multiple categories that each might have interesting information related to a topic you’re interested in. There is a Categories drop down towards the top left of the discussion area menu, click that and see which are available

  3. Search - To search the discussion area for previous conversations on a topic or area of interest, click the magnifying glass icon towards the top right in the menu. As you type, related suggestions will begin to automatically display. Click one if you’d like to read it further.

  4. Creating a New Topic - Have something to share?? Excellent! :grinning: - Towards the top right there is a “New Topic” button. Click that, add in a title, select the appropriate category for the topic, write the message in the message area, and click the blue “Create Topic” botton below the message area. Topic is now created and added to the selected category.

  5. Have fun! - We’re here to learn and grow together in the craft and enjoy the interactions. So most of all, enjoy :slight_smile: There are some truly amazing and talented and knowledgeable folks here.

If you have any questions about how to use the discussion area, post them here, or if needed reach out via email via the “Contact” link in the footer of the website.

Until next time, Keep Craftin’!