Website updates (8/25-8/26):

Hey all! :slight_smile: As of 8/25 there are some updates being made to the club website!

Primarily, this is a move from the domain to The club initially began as an offshoot of the Liberty Leather Goods blog, and as it has grown larger and with more being added to it, it made sense to give it it’s own space to develop further. Awesome!

The previous URLs will be set to forward to the new domain, so all should still work ok there.

Additionally, many technical updates were made. A site like this has a huge amount going on behind the scenes, the goal being to provide a simple and helpful an interface and experience as possible on on the front end for members.

Remaining in this update is to get all the assets (books, templates, patterns, etc.) configured, then we should be all as usual.

Thanks for being a part of this fun place, and if you see anything that looks off or isn’t working how you’d might expect, just send a note.

Talk more soon! Thanks

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