I thought it was about time to try my hand at stamping. I have been practicing on scrap leather I have laying around. My first finished project is a magnetic money clip. Any advice is welcome. Share your tooling projects too.

Very cool! I like the contrast of the stitching and the tooling, creating different textures and visual lines. The darker colors will likely wear well too, keeping it looking nice over time.

I have to practice more tooling before I can share much that is helpful, this is a fun and inspiring piece! Thanks for sharing

Great work Josh. The stamping looks nice and straight. The only thing I would suggest is skiving the edges down where they are sewn. What thickness leather did you use? I made one some time back and used 5 oz. leather. It seemed too bulky and the magnets weren’t strong enough to hold multiple bills folded in half. How is yours working for you? Next time, I think I will use 3 oz. leather.

Thank you Pastor_Bob. I made the mistake of using a 4-5 oz strap I had lying around. I cut two pieces off the strap. I completely agree with the thinner leather for my next one. In fact, the next two that I am making are both done with 2-3 oz.

You’re also right about skiving down the edges. It would have created a thinner profile along the edges. Fortunately, I splurged a bit and bought some of the strongest magnets I could find. I can clip it to my thumb sideways, turn it upside down, and the magnets will hold on just fine. They are powerful neodymium magnets and will hold quite a fold of cash.

One other mistake I made is that I didn’t leave enough material at the ends to round off the corners. The next two money clips I am making will have rounded corners for a more finished look to them.

Make sure to post pics of the improved product. Glad to hear the magnets will hold the cash you will make from selling these bad boys. :grinning:

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Got any pics of the new money clips?

No, I haven’t touched my LW tools since March. I lost Mom in January and my uncle in May. This has been a tough year and I haven’t had the patience or desire to make anything new.

My condolences. I understand what you are going through. You are welcome to call me if you need to talk.

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Sending you support and available to talk too, anytime.

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Bob, Dan, Thank you both. I will take you up on it when I am ready.