Surely it's only me

Well, I was working along nicely on a holster for a client. The work was just flowing…then I realized the holster I was making was for a lefthanded shooter (and the client, of course, ordered RH). As i stared at it, hoping it would magically change, it became apparent that I would have to start all over. The good news is, I did finish the order in time AND I have a LH holster in inventory to sell.

In God’s Grace,

Pastor Bob

“While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” - Romans 5:8

Amazing ha - I’m sure I’ve done similar over the years. Sometimes I’ll catch myself skiving the wrong side of something (that needs to fold over, etc.). At least yours turned into a nice finished piece!

I’m a believer in measure twice cut once, though still looking for the magic solution to remembering it all the time myself :slight_smile:

Some of my projects, i will actually sit down and think of all the steps then right them down and use it as a checklist. Even with that, I can get ahead of myself and miss a step. Some steps are just not very forgiving and will force one to start all over. Been there, done that too.

Hello Pastor Bob :wave: I am right there with you! There are many things that happen with age; my father said to me. I couldn’t wait for these changes to take place however, there are some changed he didn’t tell me about and these are them :thinking: Welcome to old age :upside_down_face: LOL

Writing down can definitely help - and the more we grow/older we get, the more we have to keep in our heads. I’ll attribute it to that at least for now, anyway :slight_smile:

And sometimes I get excited making something, and rush through some steps. Patience, as in most things is usually best. Though fun is fun sometimes too. Balance I guess ha

I may know someone looking for a LH holster. I will reach out to him this week and ask.

When I finsh i will add photo. Thanks @josh !

Hopefully I will have it completed before this weekend. I will upload pics when complete.

Looking forward to checking it out, I have to spin up a new project soon myself.

I have finished it (actually this weekend). I will try and get pics put up. @josh it is for a full size double stack (i.e. Springfield XD, Sig 226, CZ 75) or a double stack that is suppressor ready. Avenger style holster.

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I really like the leather tone - did you do any finishing to it, or is that as it comes from the tannery?

Stitching is solid too, great colors, and the edge paint is smooth. Professional look for sure

Thanks. I used Walnut Feibing’s Pro dye. fNo edge paint, just dyed edges with walnut and slicked them down while dye was still wet. Works great…picked it up from another crafter. Very rarely do I use Gum Trag or Tokonole anymore.

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Interesting, I like the results, will have to try it out. Thanks

That is a gorgeous holster! The leather looks like it was hand-carved out of a piece of mahogany. I love tooled leather, but there is something special about a clean, no-frills piece of craftsmanship. Well Done, Pastor_Bob!

Thanks! was fun too! Did you ever reach out to your LH friend?

I did. The guy said he wasn’t looking for a new holster at the moment. If he buys a new holster, he will need to buy a new gun to put in it, and his wife has told him no more guns for now. He spent more money than he should have on a couple of really good deals for a .4570 Lever action and something else.

Been there, done that. Sometimes I have to tell my wife, NO MAS. Not very often. Love the lever actions for sure.

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