Sandpaper/Sanding Blocks for Leather Working

Sandpaper can be used on newly cut leather to smoothen the edges. The roughness of the sandpaper wears down the loose fibers, shortening them and creating a more dense, smoother surface.

This is usually achieved by using coarser sandpapers that are rougher and working down to finer sandpapers that leave a tighter edge. Sandpaper is available in many variations, most commonly grit size. Grit size refers to the size of sand grains on the paper. Coarser grits have a lower number (for example, 50), while finer grits have a higher number (for example, 120).

Sanding blocks are blocks of material, usually wood or plastic, with sandpaper attached. It can make it easier to hold and rub across the leather when attached to something that fits well into the hand. Sandpaper is relatively inexpensive and is quite useful for leather finishing.