Reach for developing your skills

Hello everyone! :wave: I would like to hear from each of the members with this poll.
Everyone likes a challenge, especially one that holds recognition and rewards. Please choose one or all for a challenge. I will set this up after I review the poll. The reward will be of my choosing. The value is not determined but, will be appreciated. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Turn your choices in quickly so we can set this up! I will keep everyone posted with updates as I create this challenge. Thanks for reading my post! Bye for know. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Swivel knife techniques
  • Dying techniques
  • Carving techniques
  • Sewing/stitching techniques

I would really love to get better at stitching. I cannot much hand stitching anymore, because of arthritis. How can I perfect machine stitching? I bought a new cylinder arm walking foot machine, but I think the stitching could look more hand sewn. I also have trouble machine sewing gussets, even with a cylinder arm.

My curiousity is piqued where this is headed :slight_smile:

I’d also reply with Sewing/stitching techniques - I feel like each of us develops our own approach to some things, and it would be great to see what others do, or learn ways one might not even think about. :+1:


I’ll ranked choice vote!

  1. Sewing
  2. Carving
  3. Dying

Hello Dan! :wave: My approach is two fold. I would like to see others reach for learning different techniques and to take what they do know, if they like there techniques, practice more.
Showing there techniques and getting critiques from everyone helps drive improvements.
With all that said, we all need to keep improve, I need improvement myself! I guess I just wanted to light a fire under us to get involved. Thanks for reading my post. Bye for now! :wave:

Hello blackmun! :wave: I’m sorry about your arthritic issues, I have that problem as well (hell to get old). I do have a sewing machine also and do like the look of hand sewing but, If your selling your craft hand sewing cost more of your time. If my customers want it hand stitched that pay for it. :flushed: Machine stitch is just as secure but, you can not make it look like hand stitching unfortunately. I hope this helps! Bye for now! :wave:

Hey! :slight_smile: , indeed, community support for learning and growth and helping each other get better is amazing. Love the idea! I’ll have to figure out a personal stitching challenge :+1:

Hey @blackmun :wave:, indeed, hand stitching has a certain aesthetic to it, though machine work can come out pretty darn great. Thread type can be a factor, along with the needle slection. I’m thinking you can get some nice results

Here’s my ranked list:

  1. sewing
  2. carving
  3. dying

Hello everyone! :wave: It looks like there are a few responses to the challenge; I’m glad to see them. :smiley: As everyone signs in I will assign the challenge, critique them all and hand out the prize for the challenge. As we watch for the first challenge I what to thank you for your participation. I’m looking forward to judging everyone’s challenge entries. If you are practicing these challenges and have any questions or need help, please reach out! I’m sure you would get plenty of help from everybody. Thanks! Bye for now :wave:

Great to see the interest! Let’s work on and show off some fun work. I need to get practicing with sewing :slight_smile:

Dan, practice makes perfect or a bunch of scrap! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

The skill I would really like to improve on the most is leather dying techniques. I want to learn how to get the color gradients and go from light in the center to dark along the outer edges. I have been asked several times about doing a sunburst effect in various color combinations.

I’d imagine that is a fun one to practice with - would take some time, though developing the artistic feel would eventually become second-nature

I’ve been getting a few stitching ideas for an area to improve, will need to pick one and run with it

What kind of stitching ideas?

Just some practice projects to get better at different techniques. BW (Barbed Wire) had an idea earlier that we each choose something to practice, then practice to get better at it

So many things come to mind haha, though was thinking of setting on that

I have an airbrush and compressor but no place to actually use them safely. I really want to learn to airbrush dye leather.

J, I will be making a small spray booth and I plan to share it. I have the equipment and it’s easy to use however, it takes some practice. The easiest one to use is the single action model. The single action model is air only. Your material strength is controlled manually with a separate adjustment. The dual action model both actions are control simultaneously. I have painted several cars and built several Early Irons (in my day). Bye for now! :wave:

I would like to work on sheridan carving techniques. I have done a couple and have not been totally pleased. Of course, that involves swivel knife techniques.

Thus far, I don’t have a machine and do all my stitching by hand. I have a pretty good technique for saddlestitching and have had pretty good luck with it. Here is an example of the stitching.

That stitch line is beautiful.