Paring Knife for Leather Working

Leather paring knifes really shine in the bookbinding craft. They come in a variety of sizes and blade types including rounded, angled, and straight.

French pairing knives generally have a semi-rounded blade with an upright handle. Swiss pairing knives feature a similarly rounded blade, though don’t have the handle, just the extension of the metal from the blade to hold on to.

English pairing knives look like very large leather cutting flat knives, where the end has an angled blade and the metal from the blade continues up and is essentially the handle. These knives are available in both right-handed and left-handed versions.

German paring knives are a mix of the other styles. They feature a long blade with a curved end, offering the versatility and agility of a curved blade along with a straight portion that extends up until it reaches the handle, made of well-finished wood.