Newbie to this organization

Hello everyone :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I have just joined your community today. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone here and shareing what I know and learning what I can from all who want to share.
I have been a leather worker since the late 60’s. My father bought a beginers kit from Tandy’s to get me out from under foot in his garage (he was a craftsman himself). As I explored the new gift that I recieved I was very interest in making something useful to use in everyday life so I made my first key fob for my house key! I went on makeing a few more items, one of which was a wallet for my father to thank him for the leather craft kit. To my suprize after his death, I found it in his belongings. It was such a find, knowing he kept it all these years (never used, just put away for safe keeping. I found it a very thoughtful thing but, more than that I had a first hand look at how for I have come with my leather work.
Let’s bring you up to date :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I have after all these years always wanted to have a shop, first to hone my craft and second to pass along this craft. It is has finely a reality. I will be setting up my shop in Cleveland, Texas and will be opening soon! Thanks for reading my post and I hope to spend some time here getting to know each of you. By for now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hello :smile: and a very big welcome to the club, we’re excited to have you.

It’s fascinating how each of our leathercraft journies started, and where they bring us over the years. Often, we’re inspired by others (family, friends, in more modern times - something online), and it gets us crafting for fun and sometimes it evolves from there.

My family has worked in creative fields, likely where I picked up the knack for making things, and tried my hand for crafting with leather. It’s both a satisfying, and functional craft - things are fun while making them, and fun while using them.

What kind of craftsman was your father? He must have been happy to see you turn the experience with a leather craft kit into something so nice.

Congratulations on the shop! :smile: That’s a dream come true for many crafters. What types of goods do you plan to produce?

Looking forward to many more chats! And once again, a very warm welcome from Philadelphia.

Hello Dan, It’s nice to know where everyone is located. My father was a very smart man and a jack of all trades. He could figure everything out and I feel he past that on to me :thinking: He was a woodworker by night and a printer by day. His woodworking was items of need, chairs, tables etc. The one thing he built was a Grandmother Clock however it has no works ( he had no idea how much they cost ) :thinking: Thanks for asking about Pop! Thanks for reading my post. By for now :smile:

Woodworking is such a timeless craft - I’d imagine you have some of those figure-anything-out skills too. And will help lend well to the shop life :smile:

Yes Dan! I have been blessed. My family was whole and the were there when needed. My heart goes out to the ones that grew up without that guidance. That why I feel the need to teach a craft to keep one off the street, give purpose and make money :smiley:

Indeed, I see leathercraft as so much more than just a craft - beyond that, it’s a community of good people, helping eachother learn valuable things and sharing in that journey of learning and developing skills and making incredible things.

Hello Crafters,

I am new here too. It is strange to be posting on a board that is just launching rather than one that has been around since the late 90’s with discussions that have been dead for 15 years.

I am a leathercrafter here in Minnesota. About 2 years ago I started making belts when I was given a beginner’s leatherworking toolkit and a handful of veg tan straps. From there I have expanded from making bracelets with veg tan leather into other products like bags, purses, wallets, journal covers and more that utilize chrome tan and oil tan leathers. I love the variety of options we get to choose from. There is no end to the number of products we get to make once we master a handful of basic skills. I have had the opportunity to make a wide range of products as I have been learning and investing in developing my knowledge base and skillset.

I am here to learn and discuss this craft, this hobby, this trade that I have found so much passion about.

Hello :wave: and welcome to our merry band of crafters :grinning:

It’s exciting with all of the digital tools and opportunities to connect and ways of doing that, so build something new together. Here’s the the next 100 years of amazing crafting :beers:

That is one of the things I enjoy the most, is the variety of things we can do and make, and how it can easily be a lifelong craft to always be learning and improving with.

We’re so glad that you’re here, and looking forward to sharing and learning together

Hello Josh! :wave: Welcome aboard :upside_down_face: We are glad to have you as a new member. Yes it is a little strange but, I don’t like crowds LOL and you get to grow along with us! I have a niece up there where you are. It’s too cold for me, I prefer the heat in Texas. I know you will be happy here. Just ask, you’ll get plenty of help. Bye for now :wave:

I love Texas. I miss being down there. I spent 15 years in the cab of a truck and I have been lucky enough to see nearly every corner of the great state of Texas. It is a different world down there. I have stories for days about the people, the roads, the ghost towns, the backroads, sleeping in Laredo on a quiet side street, parking up for the night in El Paso, Delivering equipment to the Houston Zoo, and an industrial A/C complex to the Convention Center Hotel in Dallas when it was being built ten years ago. There is a reason there are so many songs about Texas.

Sounds like many a fun adventure - the people we come across often have the biggest impacts on our experiences, maybe we should start a story time thread haha

The zoo sounds fun - did you get to see any animals, or was it loading/unloading and on your way?

I arrived before the crew that was going to unload me so I was given free entry to the park through an employee-only back door. I walked around for about an hour before someone came to get me and let me know it was time to go back to work.

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Looking forward to being a part of a larger group of leather craftsmen and women. My adult kids purchased a gift certificate for my from Springfield Leather Company several years back and that started my journey in leather crafting. I have done ornate carvings (family crests and the EGA for my son (Eagle, Globe, Anchor - USMC)). I have also been perfecting the avenger style holster for various firearms. Of course, I am now the leather repair guy for my family, friends, and church members…snaps, belts, tool holders, you name it. I don’t have a formal shop, but have turned one of our bedrooms into my shop. I have slowly and gradually taken my sale profits and used it to buy more tools and materials. As long as I can make enough to keep my hobby alive, I am in good shape.

I grew up in SW Missouri, then moved with my family to Ohio and Georgia for about 20 years, and recently moved back to Carthage, MO where I grew up. This allows me to be closer to my aging parents and in-laws so we can assist as necessary.

In God’s Grace,

Pastor Bob

“While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” - Romans 5:8

Welcome aboard. I can empathize with you on the lack of shop space. I roll out my hides and cut large panels on my bed using a large 18" x 26" poly cutting board. My workspace is at one end of our kitchen island. I keep all of my tools, hardware, chemicals, etc… on a rolling cart.

Hello Bob! Welcome, we’re really excited to have you here.

Your journey into the craft sounds similar to a few of us here, happening across it via someone else or personal inspiration, then slowly more and more getting into it until it takes up most of our free time, and the free space in our houses :slight_smile:

The EGA carving must be really special, and take talent to do. I have some USMC family and they always carry great respect for the EGA.

Looking forward to fun leather chats!

That is such an incredible concept - everything in one place and easy to move and reach. It makes me think of crafting days outside when the weather is good, just “roll the shop” out and ready to go :slight_smile:

Hello Bob! :wave: I have overlooked saying welcome aboard! I’m glad to see that our club is getting bigger. You have joined, what I believe to be a very good club in the near future. We will grow on everyone’s input, successes and failures. That’s what ti’s all about! Bye for now! :wave:

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