New tools for my shop

Hello everyone! :wave: I’m back from the Waco show and exhausted :sweat:
I purchased a few tools from the vendors that were there and I’m exited to have them in my shop. I knife maker there; Scott Davidson, Solid Rock Knives is making me a left handed knife for cutting or sizing leather from a large hide.

Hey, how was the show?? :slight_smile: Exciting and full of buzz and great people?

That knife looks beautiful. Is the manufacturing time relative short? Hopefully you get to have and use it soon!

Hello Dan! :wave: The show was GREAT and I look forward to next year. The turnout was good and there was a lot of vendors, more than I suspected. putting a face to a name or company is nice. You talk to them over to phone and place your orders and now you have a visual :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
The knife I purchased was not standard issue, they were made for the show. I was lucky to have a left hander made. I haven’t received it but, I’m excited! If anyone would like to order one, I can post the info. Bye for now :wave:

That’s great to hear things were buzzing and a lot of folks made it out. Indeed, building those relationships in person is great. So glad you got to experience the show and it was a nice time!

Yes, please, if you could share, it would be great to have that info if anyone is looking for a quality knife.

Hope you left the show even more inspired than usual to make some amazing pieces :grinning:

Yes Dan! When I receive my knife I can contact him for a group order. We should get my wholesale price, if you want I can place that order? :upside_down_face: Bye for now! :wave:

Hey, thank you for the suggestion! I’m not sure I’m ready for a new knife at the moment, though if any one else is looking please share and maybe we can utilize that group discount. Excellent suggestion, thank you! :grinning: