New leather die

Hello everyone! :wave: I received this die last week and had a little time this week to try it out. It is a die for a small knife sheath or a Bic lighter. I made a few test cuts and finished a lighter case with it. I well make a good addition to my shop for fast cuts to make some quick items to sell ! Enclosed are pics. Thanks for looking ! :slight_smile: Bye for now! :wave:

Wow, looking great!

Was it a custom die? If so, I’d be curious how long it took to fabricate

Also, nice use of a finial instead of a snap! I’d imagine that makes the opening and closing of it much easier and more comfortable. Smooth stitching work, too :+1:

Hello Dan! :wave: The front opens with a Sam Brown and the die was made by Texas Custom Dies. They have made all my dies. Thanks :upside_down_face: Bye for now :wave:

Thanks! That’s definitely a helpful reference to know, it looks like a great one