New guy, interested in learning to rebind books

Hi Folks,

My name is Jon, I am brand new to leather work, but looking to try my hand at it. I just wanted to introduce myself, as I have found this forum really helpful so far.

I’d like to learn to do book rebinding, specifically bibles, as I learn to work leather.

I know bookbinding is a subset of leather craft, but would love some pointers on where to begin.


Hello Jon,

A very warm welcome to the club! So glad it’s been helpful to you.

Book binding is a really fascinating area of the craft, and also has a history that goes so far back in time.

I haven’t worked directly with it yet myself, though there are some specialized tools that can be helpful. There are a few knives, special glues, and unique techniques for wrapping the leather as it flexible around the pivot points on the covers.

I’d be curious to learn along with you, hopefully some folks have experience they can share. And feel free to ask any other crafting things, we’ll all help out where we can.

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Welcome from SW Missouri! I have recovered several books; mainly Bibles. I have only fixed a couple of them where the binding itself was loose, but I have never rebound them.

To help with recovering, the best source I found was an Al Stohlman book. I can’t remember the name, but it’s part of a three book series. You can find it on Amazon or sometimes at Springfield Leather.

Keep us posted with questions and progress.

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Thanks Bob! I’ll look into the Stohlman series.