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Hey, I did a search, no luck. I want to purchase John James harness needles for saddle stitching. I’m looking to make wallets, belts, small accessories. In your opinions, what is the optimal size needle and thread would be great for this? Thanks all…


Hi Layne,

There might be some helpful info here to get started with:

Also very much welcome other’s thoughts and preferences as often there are lots of ways one might make suggestions from experience


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Thank you. This helps immensely!

Excellent! You’re very welcome.

And for purchasing them, there are a few places in the US that sell the John James with realtively fair shipping (if you’re just getting needles alone). If you’re buying other materials then the shipping is likely negligible.

If you’re looking for any particular JJ needles, this might be helpful too: Best Leather Needles for Leather Working - Liberty Leather Goods

Thanks. I’ll probably purchase John James. I don’t know how I missed that when I went to Tandy on the boulevard the other day. Lol.

Although triangular-pointed glovers needles combine an awl tip to cut out one stage of saddle-stitching light-to-medium weight leathers, saddle grade will likely need the wider-handled awl to pre-pierce the leather, making blunts safer. The same’s true of hole-punched, whether circular or slotted - on the other hand, pricking markers take you back to triangulars, as they don’t go right through the leather.

So stoked. Been working alot. When I picked up stuff from local Tandys, I had harness needles.

Somehow, I misplaced them. So, wife and I went to Tandy leather yesterday, picked up harness needles.

I’m working the next 6 days straight at the medic unit, off for 6 after. Time to start projects.

My first will be a card wrap and some key fobs. I will probably incorporate copper rivets into the key fobs, similar to a video I watched, love copper and brass.

When my first project is finished, I’m OCD so, it needs to be right, lol, I’ll post it.



looking forward to seeing your work!!!

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Thank you sir!