Member Work Showcase Moving Here! :)

Hey all, we’ve have some incredible images posted in the Member Work Showcase in the club. It’s also led to a lot of comments, and folks wanting to ask the crafters’ of the items questions about their approach and process. The forum is a much better format for that, so after user feedback, we’re moving the Work Showcase here.

The old one can still, for a while, be visited at:

For anything new you’d like to share, please post it in here! Thanks, and keep on craftin’.

I just finished a wallet especially for the Virginia Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Silent Auction. The Phoenix Wallet is a nine-pocket bifold made from 4/5 oz and 2/3 oz Hermann Oak veg-tanned leather. I tooled the Phoenix and painted it by hand, then saddle-stitched up to four layers. Whew! When it was done, I had a beer and rose from the ashes.


That stitching itself is some serious art (and some hefty hand work), and that art is even more serious art! :slight_smile:

Those gradient transition near the tail really catches the eye. And very nice how it runs the length of the wallet, cool visual extension.

And leather choice is certainly an asset. Excellent one! Thank you for sharing - I bet that beer tasted extra delicious after all the hard work

Im new to this, practice, practice, practice…

Nice! I like the rivets, and how one side is smooth. The stitch color blending into the surface is cool too, a different take than the contrast approach. Looking good!

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Thanks brother! My pop opened his mouth to friends, now, they want one. Lol.

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That’s excellent - soon friends of friends will be asking, and you’ll be starting up your own shop :slight_smile:

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Thats the plan sir!!

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This is my latest miniature saddle work finished. It is a barrel racing saddle with a sunflower motif in miniature 1:9 scale. It’s all hand tooled and the pattern is customized by me over the years.(I did not use the rio rondo kit) I can also do braidwork and knots in miniatures. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:
Heather Moreton

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Phenomenal work on that tiny saddle. I would have to wear a jeweler’s ring to see all of those detailed carvings! Just beautiful!

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Thank you so much!!

Hey Heather, that saddle is stunning! At first I thought the coin was a quarter, then when I saw it was a dime I was even more impressed by the intricacy of the carving, painting, and detail. Breyer horses popped to mind and looking at your website, the pieces are so realistic. It’s so great to see this, thank you for sharing