Mad Max Wallet

I’m still really new leather working but I am really happy with this wallet. I’ve made 5 wallets before this one for other people, but this one’s for me. I’ve been carrying it for about 7 days and so far it’s holding up and aging well. I’m open to any constructive criticism.

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The stitch colors are really cool! And the piston element very creative and eye catching. Seeing the rivets gives me an idea (and not sure if anyone has done this), of putting a small but strong magnet (about the size of a rivet) on the outer edge to hold it closed.

Not sure if that would be annoying to open (or erase the strips on the credit cards), or a helpful way to keep it closed. The soft inner texture is a nice touch, too. I’m a fan! And definitely curious to see the patina it develops over time from wear and use. Awesome of you to share

Really like the 2 tone stitching and the bifold design. Should last for years. Nicely done.