Has anyone in this group done the leather craft masterclass program?

No I haven’t. I’ve been going to YouTube to learn specific methods. Lately I’ve been working on feathers.

I haven’t tried it out - have you done or explored any of it, @kujawac?

Wow @22titanium , feathers sound so intricate and beautiful, I’d love to explore that more sometime. Do you have a particular finish that you use, or leave the finished pieces untreated?

LOL, great question @Dan-Crafter! I’m newer to the leather craft and in typical personal style dove into the deep end of the pool. So, enjoying making the feathers but I haven’t gotten as far as finishing any pieces. I’m practicing right now on scraps. Full disclosure! If you have any guidance on finishes I’m all ears.

Haha those are the most fun projects :slight_smile: I certainly have a few of those

The finish can depend mostly on what preferences you have for style. Conditioning with something like lexol could make a nice, matte finish.

Applying a resolene could make them water resistant, and give a bit of a shine. Depending on the depth of the cuts, it could also make the details a little more pronounced.

Stain could be applied to make the difference in the cuts look more enhanced, and application method could also factor into the final look (sponge-applied, wiped on with a cloth, etc.)

And a full dye could be interesting, depending on the color.

The artistic side of leather always impresses me, that’s a skill and talent all its own - if you’re ever to a spot where showing photos would be exciting, all eyes here

To try a first one, maybe just condition the natural leather and see how that looks. I tend to enjoy natural looks and fibers, and if you’re using a nice leather to start, showing those nice grains could be an easy, and great-looking start

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Hello kujawac! I wanted to reply to you post. It is however, an old post, and I have just joined, I wanted to reply :smiley: I am in the process of going through the program. I have been a leatherworker for a long time and I am familiar with all of the material, I have found it very informative. I will challenge everyone to go through the program. No matter what your skill level is, you will find it educational. I must say, I found Patent Leather most interesting! As in anything if you are not learning more everyday you are not moving forward in life. Look at the present, that’s what they call it :joy: (sorry I think I got to emotional here :pleading_face: