Leather Working Thread

Leather sewing thread is a type of thin yarn, used for joining leather materials together. Threads are very common leather working tools and come in need endless colors. They also come in various “weights”, or thicknesses, each with benefits depending on the type of leather being sewn.

Generally, thinner leathers will use lighter “weight”, thinner threads. Thicker leathers will usually be sewn with thicker, or heavier “weight” threads. Thread weight choice can be a matter of function. For example, is it strong enough to hold the materials together and not wear out easily from rubbing or abrasions? Thread can also be selected based on aesthetic preference. For example, does the color look great on the leather it is used with? Does the seam size create a nice, finished visual appearance?

Along with colors and wights, threads are also available in many different material types. So much thread! :slightly_smiling_face: Each material type has unique properties that can make it beneficial for some types of leather work over others. Let’s see a little more about each and which you might want to add to your leather craft tools list.