Leather Working Stitching Groover

Stitching groovers are generally configured with a grooving tip connected to a wooden handle. Running through the base of the tool near the tip is an edge guide.

The edge guide is a piece of metal that extends and pushes up against the edge of the leather being grooved. It can be adjusted for different widths, then fixed securely in position so it does not move. As the tool is drawn towards you, the edge guide runs along the leather edge, ensuring the groove is at a fixed distance the entire length of the groove.

Since the edge guide is adjustable, multiple grooves can be cut, if desired, into the leather creating a wide array of possible design and visually exciting options. With the edge guide removed, the tool can also be used free-hand to make any design one might want in the leather. The leather stitching groover is very helpful too that you’ll likely have in your leather working tool kit.