Leather Working Stamps Tools

Leather stamps are metal tools used to imprint decorative designs into leather. They generally have etched designs on the end of a solid metal handle. When rested on the leather and struck with a hammer, mallet, or maul, the force pushes the stamp into the leather material. This leaves an imprint on the leather, of the design that was etched onto the stamp.

Leather stamping is done extensively in the leather tooling craft. Stamps are available in a tremendous variety of shapes, sizes, letters, numbers, and designs. since they only require a striking force, it is a very quick way to add visual embellishments to leather work. Carving the same designs by hand could take hours, with sometimes less-than-desirable results.

Stamps are available individually or in sets. This is an area of leather craft where the imagine can really run wild with imagination and options for using and combing stamps into a decoratively finished piece.