Leather Working Punches Tools

Leather punches are tools with rounded blades used to cut holes into leather. Generally, the based are sharpened edges around a hollow metal cylinder, perfect for creating a circular hole. The punch blades can be interchangeable allowing a single handle to accommodate many sizes. Or, they can be individual tools where the blade and handle are formed from a solid piece of metal.

Punches need to be strong as they are used by pounding them with force. A piece of leather to be punched is placed on a nylon surface, on top of a hard, sturdy surface (such as granite). The punch lined up and rested on the leather where it will make the hole. Then, a mallet, hammer, or maul is used to strike the top of the punch. The force of the strike pushes the punch through the material. The softer nylon surface protects the punch blade from damage, and the granite absorbs much of the force. The result is a, smooth, clean hole punched into the leather.