Leather Work Apron

A leather work apron is a layer of material worn to protect the clothing underneath it. They generally cover just the front of the person wearing them and are usually made from leather. A loop goes over the head and secures it behind the neck. A second securing tie goes around the waist.

Work aprons help keep dirt and debris from the work being done from getting onto the person doing the work. They can also protect the wearer from tools that might accidentally get dropped while working. For example, an awl rolls off the table and falls onto their lap. Where a sharply pointed awl might scratch, the apron would provide a layer of protection.

Leather work aprons are available in various sizes, materials, qualities, and finishes. While denim and canvas are options, leather is usually most popular both for the look and for the function of the material.

Some leather aprons also feature various pockets, offering places to hold frequently-accessed tools, pencils, or rulers. While not an essential tool to have when starting out, a leather work apron can be a helpful addition as you become more familiar with leather working and develop preferences for working style and tool storage. And, they look really, really cool