Leather Weights

Leather weights are small metal devices used to hold the leather in place when cutting, stamping, or punching. Have smooth, polished surfaces so they will not mark or mar the leather when placed on top of it. They are often made of brass or steel.

When cutting thin leather materials, they can easily shift. Placing metal weights on top can help hold them in place for a stable, more even cut. When cutting thicker leather materials, they might have a natural bend to them. Placing leather weights can help flatten the material into a more even working surface. Leather weights come in various sizes from a few ounces to a few pounds.

Many things can be used as leather weights, as long as their surface does not scratch the leather. If you’re looking for well-balanced, nicely-machined, and high-polished weights, dedicated leather weights could be a helpful addition to the leather craft tool list.