Leather Thickness Gauge

Leather thickness gauges are tools that measure the thickness of leather. Different leather thicknesses are generally used for different products. For example, thinner leathers for wallets and thicker leathers for bags. Knowing the general thickness of leather used for any project is beneficial.

This helps ensure uniformity of the materials used (so the overall feel of the finished product is consistent). It helps when purchasing leather, so you know what to buy. It also helps when shaving or skiing leather, so you know you’ve reached the goal thickness.

Leather thickness gauges come in a few different forms. Some are flat pieces of wood or plastic with a tapered notch running into it. There are measurements noted along with the notch, and depending on how far the leather fits into the notch, the corresponding marking will tell its thickness.

Other leather thickness gauges are in caliper form. The leather is placed into the device, and a metal rod is pushed down onto the leather, securing it between two points. Based on how far the rod was pushed down, the thickness of the leather is displayed. Displays can be either analog with a needle layout in analog calipers or digital with a digital numeric layout in digital calipers.