Leather Tabletop Skivers

Leather tabletop skivers are table-mounted tools used to skiver leather efficiently and with consistent results. They usually come with large 6” – 10” blades and have adjustable skiing heights.

To skiver with a tabletop skiver, the preferred skiving height is set, leather is placed under the blade, and a lever is lowered to secure the leather in place. Once in place, the leather is pulled through the skiver. This results in a skived piece that matches the height originally set on the skiver.

The thickness of the skive can also be manually adjusted by pushing or pulling on the lever as the leather is being pulled through. This allows for variable thicknesses of the skive, for example towards the ends of a belt or for a bag strap.

The incredible benefits of these tools are that they produce a very consistent result, very quickly. What could take hours by hand with a hand skiver can take minutes or seconds with a tabletop skiver. There are few moving parts, and blades can usually be sharpened, making this a leather working tool that can easily see years or decades of use.