Leather Stitching Horse

A stitching horse is a wooden tool with two arms used to hold leather items securely while they are being hand-sewn. Having two hands-free makes feeding a needle and pulling the thread through leather a much easier process. They are similar to a stitching pony, though much larger.

The stitching horse generally stands on the floor and includes a seat for a person to sit on. Two large, vertical arms that extend up, and can accommodate very large and thick leather items. They’re joined in the middle with an adjustment screw, so the space between them can be widened and narrowed. The leather to be sewn is placed in between the arms, and the arms are tightened, holding the leather in place.

Stitching horses generally feature smooth, wooden surfaces on the arms which protect the leather. It is important that any working surface that comes into contact with leather is soft/smooth, and will not leave unwanted marks or scratches on the material being worked. For additional protection, a soft material can be placed between the arms and the leather being worked, such as soft fabric or even other leather.