Leather Sewing Tower

A leather sewing tower is a wooden tool used to hold leather pieces while being sewn by hand. It is often helpful to have both free hands for stitching work, and a leather sewing tower helps makes that possible by providing a versatile group of holding clamps and surfaces on which to secure leather pieces for stitching.

They are generally secured to a tabletop. Extending out (about 9”-12”) is an arm, onto which two additional arms run, with screws to adjust their distance. Leather can be clamped between each of these arms and the main extension. The main extension can even be positioned higher or lower on the device.

The flexibility of positions and the shape of the main extension allow for leather to be positioned securely for a number of stitching needs including right-angle stitching. They are similar in function to stitching horses and stitching ponies, For those that do a lot of leather stitching and might prefer the feel of a sewing tower, it’s certainly another option to add to the leather craft tools list.