Leather Rulers/Squares

Rulers and squares are used in measuring and cutting leather. They come in many shapes and sizes (some rulers are bendable so even curves can be measured).

One thing to keep in mind when looking at rules and squares is the ability for it to help make leather cuts. Rulers with cork or non-slip bottoms keep them in place on the material being measured. This makes them useful for drawing steady lines, and also serves as a cutting edge when cutting leather.

The cutting blade can simply be run over the material, slightly pressed against the ruler to act as a guide. when used in this way, it’s important to ensure the ruler is either thick enough (thicker metal), or raised enough (on a thicker cork bottom, for example) to ensure it provides enough height to keep the blade from jumping off the material and onto the ruler.

Rulers and squares are a very common and useful group of leather working tools.