Leather Round Drive Hole Punch

Round drive punches are thin, cylindrical steel tools used to cut holes in leather. The cutting end is made of a sharpened edge around a hollow metal tip. There is usually an opening in the cylinder near the cutting end. The other end of drive punches is solid steel.

A round drive punch is set onto the leather it will cut, then hit or “driven” with a hammer, mallet, or maul. The force is generated but the hit drives the cutting end through the leather. This creates a hole in the leather and a small leather circular piece that is used to fill what is now the hole.

As more holes are punched, the circular pieces begin to push up through the cylinder and out of the opening near the cylinder end. Alternatively, after a few punches, the excess circular pieces can be pushed down and out of the punch with a small pin or other thin implement, pushed through the opening.

Round drive punches are available in many different hole sizes. Some are individual tools fixed in size. Others are handles with interchangeable punch size tips, requiring less storage space, though some additional time to change tips between sizes. Most leather crafters will find themselves with at least a few round drive punches in their leather working tool kit.

Round punches are great for making buckle holes in belts, as well as across leather projects when creating holes for grommets, eyelets, or even holes for large laces.