Leather Rotary Punch

Leather rotary punches are manually operated, hand-held metal tools with multiple hole-sized punches used to make holes in leather material. The punches are usually arranged around a rotatable, circular “turret”. There is often an integrated surface for the punches too much onto when cutting.

They work by rotating the turret to select the side punch to use, placing the leather material between the punch and cutting surface, then squeezing the grips closed by hand. The gripping motion pushes the punch through the leather and results in a hole.

Rotary punches are available with different-sized punches. Some have interchangeable punches, making it easy to have any 6 or so available at a time, quickly accessible at the spin of a turret and squeeze of the grip.

Individual punches usually yield more precise results and also allow more force to be used resulting in generally smoother, cleaner cuts. Though, for smaller holes and thinner leathers, rotary punches can be a quite effective leather working tool.