Leather Patterns

I think it’d be cool to have a thread dedicated to FREE leather patterns so that makers looking for something new to try have a place to go. If you know of any free leather patterns, feel free to share the links here! I’d love to see what new project I should try with all this leather I have laying around :sweat_smile:

I have uploaded a couple here…https://www.internationalleatherclub.com/templates-patterns/

Would the above link be a satisfactory place to house templates?

Pastor Bob

Hey @Pastor_Bob ! I think that would be a great resource, but it looks like I don’t have access to it. It would definitely be a great place to house templates, though!

It may be through membership only. @Dan-Crafter, can you shed some light on this?

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Hey! Yes, the templates, guides, and patterns section is a full membership benefit. Lots of great stuff in there

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Gotcha - thanks! Perhaps it might be helpful to have a free leather patterns thread for any new visitors?

Sounds good, that could be useful/for folks

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