In the DIY Spirit - A Burnishing Bit

A recent post about a DIY strop got me thinking, what other tools can be easy to DIY.

Here is a burnisher bit I made.

It is a wooden, hand bit and I was curious if it could become one to put into a rotary tool like a dremel. Lo and behold, it can :slight_smile:

I just trimmed a metal rod, cut the original burnisher about in half, drilled a hole in the burnisher (it has to be precisely centered for this to work well - otherwise there will be lots of uncomfortable wobble while using it), then glued the rod in place securely.

Now it can go right into any drill or rotary tool, and instant powered burnisher :slight_smile: If one doesn’t have a dremel, a cordless power drill works ok too. A few bucks saved, and a new tool for the shop!

If I were to make another, I’d likely do it with a burnisher made from a more solid and dense wood. For a first pass, I was relatively pleased with the result.

Yes Dan, I agree! That takes hand ribbing out of the picture. Nice :+1: