How Long Does it Take for Angelus Leather Paint to Dry?

A layer of paint takes between 15-30 minutes to dry. To ensure that the finish is fully dried, it’s best to wait for 24 hours.

I just made a wallet that I painted with several coats of Angelus. Drying time will depend on coat thickness and your environment. Never lay it on thick. I work in an air-conditioned environment that dehumidifies the Mid-Atlantic air very efficiently. So I apply the next coat in about 15 minutes. By the way, I usually apply antique stain to enhance the lines the next day.

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It’s great having context for different regions. Humidity and temperature play such key roles in paint and sealent dry times. With simple projects it’s sort of give it a touch. With finer projects, taking the time to reflect on environment can help make noticeably better results. Great note to mention