Holster Types I Make

Most of the holsters I build are the Avenger style holsters with not sweat shield or thumb break. I also have made a few pancake holsters, and a few IWB holsters as well.

What I really like about the Avenger style is it really takes up less space on the belt. My son got me a pattern kit from Slick Bald for Christmas one year. I have made slight modifications to the pattern and IMO, have made it better than the original.

The instructions in Chris’ kit from Slick Bald are decent, but do have a few errors in it. I called him to explain the errors so I don’t know if they have been revised in later editions.

I have also made a couple of chest holsters with mixed results.

In God’s Grace,

Bob George

“While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” - Romans 5:8

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They look like they’d sit and feel like a relatively low profile. The wet molding is something newer to me so it’s interesting to see the results like this.

Stitching is clean and nice too. Does weight ever become much of a factor? The extra heft of thicker leather, vs trade offs to make as lean as possible?

Very clean. I know that you can tool and carve leather, but I really like the clean, minimalist design you have gone with on these.

Thanks. I would much rather have an extra layer of leather so the firearm doesn’t come into contact with the flesh side. When this occurs, it can wick away any oil on the gun, causing rust. Leather is much cheaper than the firearm.

Thanks! Can knock one out in a couple hours, minus dry time for dye.

Love the design brother. When I started carrying my glock, years ago, I started off with a Wright Leather Works OWB holster. I carry AIWB kydex now but a good leather holster is great.

Yours look great!