Hemp Twine for Stitching

Has anyone tried using hemp twine for stitching? My wife has some really interesting colors in hemp twine that she uses for beaded necklaces and bracelets. It’s pretty thick and I like the look of heavy stitching. I was thinking about taking some when she’s not looking and waxing it with beeswax. My concern is will it hold up as well as the flat waxed polyester thread that I’ve been using?

(I’m only kidding about the ‘when she’s not looking’ thing, I’ll make sure to ask nicely to use some!)

That sounds like a fun experiment. Hemp has been used for years and has good properties to prevent premature wear. You may even be able to use it like lacing, where it loops over the edge instead of just a normal stitch.

I have never used hemp in this way, but would be curious to see how well it does. Make sure to post pics when/if you try it.

Hey, I agree that would be nice to try out and see how it works. She sounds creative and would probably share some twine :grinning:

I have’t used it before, and would think it’s effectiveness is use-dependent, in the sense of if it’s a heavy application it might wear faster than the synthetic polyester. That in mind, for necklaces and bracelets it might be a great thing to try. And look cool/unique, can even vary the appearance by how the colors layer (white wax, yellow wax, and the twine color underneath).