Have a technique that was hard at first, that you learned how to get better at?

For me, it was skiving. Initially, I pushed too hard and took too much leather off. Then, skived too light and it took so many passes to thin out a piece.

Over time, I was able to develop a technique that made it relatively quick, efficient, and repeatable. So that felt good, since at the start it was very tricky. I’d have to say this was the most challenging technique I was able to improve upon so far.

Working with a media such as leather witch is not cheep :thinking: you hate to make that first cut. I’m over that! You can always use it somewhere else. My issue is introducing other procedures’ like zippers. I have stayed so for away from them until a had to install one on a repair. After practicing on a dummy item is was so easy! I could not believe it :flushed: :flushed: With that said… practice makes perfect. My take on this is this… if you want to grow your craft, take it on. Try it, you’ll like it. I did and I do!!! Thanks for reading my post. By for now :smile:

So very true, especially with that small piece os really special leather one orders for that custom piece that can’t really be messed up and we only get one shot :smile:

The great thing is, as you mention, is we get better with practice. I was very much the same way early on with hardware (rivets, etc.), not wanting to leave any impressions around the hardware while setting them, or leaving uneven spacing between them.

After some time though, it was as if it was do-able all along.

I very much support your thought about, “if you want to grow your craft, take it on.”. I’d even think that’s a good suggestion for most anything in life. Well said, I like that a lot :+1:

Yes Dan, I agree. I have a large box of custom items that have become practice pieces :woozy_face: And as for hardware, the cost of snap etc…