FS Mastrotto Double Leathers $2 per foot

Hi Folks I picked up a couple lots of leather recently and got a bunch of “Double leathers” in the Adria Dollaro Tannage from Mastrotto. These are interesting because they’ve been finished in such a way that the suede side is a contrasting color to the front. They’re used in some “fashion bags” for a unique effect. They also make the need for lining or finishing the suede side of the leather unnecessary.

Here’s more info on the leather and the full tech specs one the “regular” (not double) version of the leather.

Most of the color Combos include one side as “Blush Pink”

Hit me with any questions. I have decent quantity of many of these. It seems like the blush is usually the flesh side on these.

Blush pink with grey Blush with Cognac Black with Blush Olive with Blush White with Blush Burgundy and Blush White with beige

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Very cool - the data sheet is helpful, too. Thanks for posting, hopefully some folks can find some good uses