FS: Acrylic Stamps

I now have the ability to create acrylic stamps for embossing leather. If you are interested, let me know. I will post a few pics of examples. Prices start at $15 and up, depending on size and amount of artwork I must do. let me know if you have any interest.

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Those look awesome. Once I get a design together, I’ll definitely let you know.

Sounds like a plan and welcome from SW Missouri!

SWMO? I live in Springfield, MO and work at Springfield Leather!

Been there numerous times. I usually deal with Skyler when there. I was just there last Friday. Small world!

Yeah, Skylar is very well-informed when it comes to anything leather. I work primarily with the Hermann Oak orders and cutting leather to customer spec. Ask for me, Dan, next time and I’ll come out and say hello.

The stamps look really clean and crisp in the leather, very cool

Somehow I missed this posting. I am definitely interested in getting my logo made into a stamp. Let me know how to get the file to you, and I will send it over.

Ohh. When I start getting good at projects, I was thinking of a maker’s mark. My idea. A dragon.

If, I get a side hustle going, I want to name my hustle/business, Green Dragon Leatherwork.

In honor of the Green Dragon Tavern (original) in Boston, 1775ish. Home to the sons of liberty. I’m a huge American revolution nerd.


That’s a great idea for a name. Enjoy the historical aspect. Let me know when you’re ready.

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Will do Pastor Bob. Thanks! Cheers.


Very cool name indeed! And also a shared interest in history, maybe that’s the Philly in us coming out ha :slight_smile:

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Absolutely! I love our history. In fact, I grew up in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Philly, Holmesburg. The oldest viaduct bridge is on Frankford Ave, a few blocks from where I grew up, I walked the bridge to n from school. William Penn comminished it to be built in late 1600s. The first and second continental congress used it from Boston to Philly.

My wife and I live a few miles from Pennsbury manor, my pic of profile is that of my wife and I at Xmas, Pennsbury Manor.


And I believe there was an old “King’s Road” that ran from Boston down through Philadelphia and into the southern colonies. While the road itself is mostly gone, there are still some semblances of it here and there. The history of the area is fascinating.

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Yes sir, in Philly, that was Frankford Ave/Rt. 13. Up and down Frankford Ave, there are placards on light poles, describing it.


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Were you able to get your side hustle going? Anxious to see your Maker’s Mark.

Pastor Bob