First project! Wrap wallet

First project!

2/3 oz veg tan from Tandy. Dyed dark brown, looks black. Tried to bevel edges, leather is thin, difficult to do so. Saddle stitch, I missed a stitch. The hole where you can see my face needs work. First time, I was in zen.

Things I’d improve on:
Better leather, 3/4 oz.
Cutting better
Sanding edges better

Things that went well, IMHO
Minus missed stitch, it went ok, though, I got complacent, thought I was doing well, ended up with twisted knots, had to rethread needles.

Overall, it needs improvement but I really enjoyed the process.


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Great first project. Agree with moving up to 3-4 oz. Glad you enjoyed the process. That wallet will last a lifetime…or until you make version 2…whichever comes first.

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Hey! thank you for sharing, I like the lessons-lerned thoughts too on what worked well and what could be improved. The angled cut by the card side looks nice, and overall solid project! Very cool

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