First Project of 2022

I had some leather lying around and saw the buckle set online. The edges are actually dyed much darker than the rest of the belt, but for some reason, the camera shows them to be essentially undyed. It’s a weird effect. The spots are 1/4" set with one-inch spacing.

The billet holes are set for someone with up to a 36-38" waist.

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Very nice. Way to put that leather lying around to work!!!

Wow! The blue with silver contrasts very nicely. and the hardware looks really special - detailed enough to draw the eye on while still being classic. Spacing looks good, it all visually “pops”. Nice one :slight_smile:

I decided to go back and revisit this belt last week. I have been playing with rivets lately and realized the aesthetic I was after wasn’t quite complete. I punched out the billet holes a bit and installed a set of grommets. I’m extremely happy with the finished belt.

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Nice - the color contrast with the hardware, and the hardware details still really jump, it’s so visually engaging. I like the grommets, and they’ll likely help the belt wear better over time. Very cool updates, and great to see. Thank you for sharing with us

Wow!!! the grommets do really add to the project. Great call. I can’t believe how professional it now looks. Nice add.