Finishing belts

Hello, what finish do you use for the front and back belts?

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For finish, it can depend on the vision for the finished piece. Sometimes a clear resolene can be great, providing a protective coating that also adds a shine and some water resistance. It can also help coat over dye, helping reduce the color from rubbing off while the item is worn or used.

Other times it might be a quality conditioner, or a conditioner with some wax compounds to help with durability and water resistance.

Is there a project that you have in mind? With some background, we can likely offer some more insights or suggestions.

the belt will be in vegetable tanned leather, leather-dye fiebings color, the edges with gum tragacanth. The resolene for a shiny effect, to have a less glossy or matte effect, what to use?

Hey, it could be possible to dilute the resolene with water to reduce the shine a bit (and experiment first before going all in).

A wax-based surface coating could also be an option to explore

There is also a water based finish called Satin Shene that works similar to Resolene, but is matte finish. For the back of the belt, given it is not 2 layers of leather, in other words, if the back is the rough side of the top, you can use tokonole to smooth it out.