Do you make leather for fun, or for function?

Hey, some of us make leather as a hobby. Others of us as a job or make items for others. What do you typically do?

I do a mix, learning the craft and improving, while also making things for folks, usually custom. It’s a fun journey, and the learning always continues. Curious to see what other folks do

I always make my project utilitarian is may be a belt, knife holder, key chain even a vest or two. My projects lately have been purses and pipe pouches. I am trying to get ready for a show so, I’m making things that will sell in a booth setting. This, I’m hoping, will get me out there to get some orders for future sells. Thanks for reading my post. By for now :smile:

I’ve been leaning more towards utility lately myself - there’s an extra good feeling with being able to use (or someone else use) the things we make.

That said, I might try experimenting with leather art - purely because it’s something I think I’d not be very good at, at all, to begin, and a challenge to develop skills over time.

I’m excited for your show! They’re a good place to connect with folks and get the word out about your shop. And pipe pouches sound interesting, will definitely enjoy seeing some photos once you’ve got some.

Dan, This is the pattern that I used and it is for sell!

It’s beautiful! The tone of the leather, and contrasted stitching. Very clean lines, and an incredible photo. Thank you for sharing. Do you have an online presence, etsy or elsewhere?

Thanks Dan! for the compliment. After hand sewing for all these years you get pretty good at it. I do have in a camera, good pictures sell product. I do have an Itsy account but I have nothing there because of the move. I hope to be up by August?

I hope all goes smoothly - would be great to see the interest from folks, it’s quality work

I occasionally work with leather for small projects, like a minor repair (replacing stitches, etc.) or adding leather to improve the function of something, like wrapping the handles of a shopping bag, or as a bag bottom. I usually use fairly utilitarian tools, like an awl, punch, and leather needles.

barbedwireleatherstu - I also love the evenness of your stitching. And look forward to more pics, and your etsy link, when it’s up.


Hello Rodger! :wave: Thanks for the mention. I have had along time to practice my
hand stitching techniques. I just purchased a model 26 from Makers Supply, here in Waco, Texas and I can’t wait to set it up and start using it. Unfortunately many things look so much better hand stitched :woozy_face:

It’s amazing what a few basic tools can do! And with a little practice, the results can be really impressive

That will be a fun new tool to use :slight_smile: Hand stitching can look great, though cruising along with the 26 will keep the production going fast and easy, excellent addition to the shop

Hi Dan :wave: Thanks for the reply! When purchasing major equipment for any shop, they say cry once! Well I cried three times :sob: I knew I needed a sewing machine and knew what I needed bit, I couldn’t see spending the money. So I went cheap and went again and finally I had to bite it! It’s all good they will be no better sewing machine in the future :upside_down_face: