Do you have a favorite tool?

Do you have a favorite tool that you prefer using over another?

Initially, I enjoyed the skiver, as it took a little while to get used to it, and learn how to skive gently, and effectively.

Though, I became more excited about the maul, believe it or not :slight_smile: Yes, it’s just a hitting tool, though it feels so much different than a hammer, and provides some really nice control when using stamps. So for now, I’d say my favorite is the maul.

Yes I do Dan! I just purchased a cordless Dremel, Lite # 7760. It certainly helps with sanding edges and burnishing. I think this is my favorite! :thinking: Thanks for reading my post. By for now :smile:

Yes! Love it - I would burnish by hand and my arm would be sore and piece not finished yet :smile:

The Dremel is a game changer - and there’s just something about using a power tool :smile:. even though it’s small, it just cruises through the work with ease, and can even help make the results look more consistent. Excellent one

Thanks Dan :smiley: I am just starting to use different tans, it’s good to experiment! As a young boy I tanned my own Coon skin (I wanted a Coon skin hat!) It turn out OK and it was quite fun :joy:

Yes Dan! It’s a game changer for sure. If you strive to get better, it’s great to find something are someone to make that happen. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: