Do men wear aprons?

Aprons are worn by men in many professions, including blacksmithing and welding, woodworking, cooking, gardening and leather work, as well as barbecuing. There are many styles and materials of aprons for men. They can also be used for different types of work or shop functions.

Yes. real men wear aprons. I like wearing one, because I don’t want to get dye, paint, glue, antique stain, and mustard (I get hungry while I’m working) on my clothes.

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Absolutely, men, and gentlemen, can work hard, create great, and stay clean :grinning:

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I like wearing an apron when working in the shop or garage. I am just using one of those cheap denim ones. I thought about making a leather one, but thought it may be too hot / heavy to wear for very long.