Cork Board Leather Tool Holder

A cork board tool holder is a material used for holding leather working awls and sewing needles. Cork is a natural, firm material that is easily penetrated by sharp objects. Once inserted, the firmness of the cork generally supports and holds those objects in place.

Leather awls and needles can have very sharp points, and in the case of needles they can be very thin and hard to pick up. Sticking these types of tools upright, into a cork board holder, helps store them tools with their sharp tips embedded into the cork. This is a little safer. It also makes it convenient, as the tools can be easily picked up, used, and returned to their location.

Cork board tool holders are available is a variety of sizes. Usually a helpful shape for leather working is a round, 4” – 6” cork board embedded into a wooden base that sits flat on a desk or work surface. If one finds they have a several awls and many needles all around their workspace, a cork board holder could be a helpful leather working tool to have.