Chest holster for client

Finished up a chest holster for a client. Used 9-10 oz. Hermann Oak for holster and 5-6 oz. For the straps and accent piece. Dyed it with light brown Feibing’s Pro dye, then coated with Satin Sheen 50/50 mixed with water.

Hand-stitched. Used 5mm stitching irons. Since I wanted a fairly smooth front, the retention was done by wet molding and shaping the back side.

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An unseemingly complex piece, the combination of stitching, hardware, textures, coloring, and finish. Really cool. Have you tried the satin sheen in mixes other than 50/50? Such as 75/25? I’d be curious how much it affects the outcome.

This one looks great, and the Hermann Oak amazing. I’m sure the client will really like it