Carving Leather Journal Cover

I had a small journal which “needed” a cover…lol. Made lots of mistakes, but it will work. Need to get finished pic to upload.

I think that looks awesome Bob; I’ve been trying to get better at it as well. I really like the stamp. How could I get one of those made?

SLC has a great hands-on carving class that meets on Saturdays if you’re looking to learn more. The guy that teaches it has been doing it since he was 14 and he’s in his 60s now. Most of the carving work that you see at the store has been done by him.

Hey Bob, very cool piece! I like the painting (I believe it looks like paint though maybe it’s some other colorant). Is that Russian text? Forgive me if I’m way off :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words. It is black dye added with a small craft brush. The text is Greek. It says “Prayers” for the prayer journal.

I will try to add the finished picture soon. I keep forgetting.

Ah, indeed! I thought I might have been off, thanks for the insights. Very nice one

Finally remembered to take finished photo.

Wow, super cool! The carving juxtaposed with the colored lettering creates a really nice visual. It’s subtle and adds a lot of depth to the piece. Awesome, thanks for the photo!