Building a leather strop

Hello everyone! I thought I’d let you know what I was up to today :smiley:
I realize the importance of sharp knifes and I’m sure everyone maintains there cutting tools. The best way to maintain an edge is to strop. If your old enough to remember a Barbers razor strop? (this is for the guys) :smiley: That is exactly the way you would maintain your cutting tools. I never cut a piece of leather until I strop my knifes (if your using disposable blade, then a new blade is in order). Well… to the point of this post :upside_down_face: The strop I use is from a big box store and had a few miles on it. I had replaced the leather several times over the years. To day, my dog had decided he would sharpen his teeth on it! Yes, it’s a goner!!! Well I’ve been moving into a shop I just built and money is tight rite now so, I decided to make one myself. After doing so, and a good one at that! ; cheap too! I thought a would explain the process. I’m sorry there are no pictures, my camera is packed. To the point :upside_down_face: I took a 5 gallon wooden paint stir and glued both sides and stuck on a piece of leather on both sides and then a slicked it with rouge and I in business !!! The point of the long post is I was so relieved to get back to work but, I thought I would share this with you. My challenge and accomplishment for the day :thinking: Thank you for reading my post. Bye for now :slight_smile:


Such creative thinking - when I started leathercraft, and even now as much as I can, I think about how to make some tools vs buying them. An old, quality, well-cared for item can last decades, and being crafters, making things kinda comes second-nature :slight_smile:

This is an excellent idea, and likely not too expensive at all. You’ve even got me thinking maybe one side an be jewelers rouge, and the other aluminum oxide - for an easy and convenient flip.

Love this idea, thanks for sharing

How is the new shop working out? Have any pics of the setup. I will be setting up my new shop in the coming months and would love to see some other’s ideas on how best to do it. Thanks!

Pastor Bob