Apprentice Video Series - Videos #5-#12 Now Available

It is with much excitement I announce the full release of the Apprentice Video Series! They are now available over in the Courses > Apprentice Video Series area of the club.

These will help provide insight into those new to crafting, and those looking to get a detailed understanding of the basic techniques of the craft. The last three videos are each a project that can be followed-along to, using basic tools, materials, and hardware.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Hello Dan! :wave: I am gust as excited for the full release of the videos. I will watch these when I return from Waco. Thank you so much for all you do! Bye for now! :wave:

Thanks. I hope the Heart of Texas Leather Show is going well and the experiences are really enjoyable!

Thanks Dan! I look forward to reviewing them all. Thank you for all you are doing form the group :+1:

Hello Dan! :wave: Can you share with me, the cameras and set up you have for taking videos. I’d like to start this process? :thinking: Thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hey, it was a relatively simple setup for this run - mainly iphones, with tripods positioned to catch the different angles.

I wish I could say I had a bunch of fancy equipment :grinning:, maybe one day

What are you envisioning creating?

Hi Dan! :wave: My vision is to start a visual of what I am doing on a weekly schedule. I really don’t want to go public (YouTube) but, for our group. I believe that’s where we are going. Not to copy your videos’ but on a personal real time communication. What do you think? :thinking: Bye for now! :wave:

Hey! That would be really exiting and I think folks would enjoy that a lot. It would be fun to share and see progress on new things.

Absolutely, I’m open to sharing knowledge in general, and we can learn and grow from one another, so my question was more to understand the goal to see how I can best support it - sounds excellent!

I’ve created a new category called “Videos”, and we can add threads in there. It also gets me thinking maybe there’s a way to create video “channels” of some sort, like we have the Member Showcase, though maybe we can see how many folks are interested in sharing over time and evaluate then.

To start, we can surely make a new topic in the Videos category and post videos there! :grinning:

Another tip I’ve learned, beyond the iphones and tripods (as basic as they are) is to have good lighting. LED lights from amazon can help, as they lighten the space and make it easier to see everything.

Other folks might have fancy cameras and good suggestions there.

Hello Dan! :wave: I am very glad to see that you are actively changing the format of our club. It’s every important to me and everyone else, I’m sure. :flushed: It’s like a " Private YouTube" LOL Members only! Bye for now! :wave:

Indeed, hopefully lots of good, helpful knowledge in one place. It’s fun as we engage more and grow as a comunity to evolve what’s here, too, so there are things we can continue to learn from. An exciting journey for sure! :slight_smile: